Why I created the file

You may think…I know there are other free iOS libraries out there. And you are right! Here are a couple of files I’ve found on the Figma community:

(Variants) iOS & iPadOS 14 UI kit for Figma (by Joey Banks)
iOS/iPadOS 13 Design UI Kit (by Juan Arreguin)

I was using these libraries before I creating my own. The problem was that I didn’t know how the naming convention of the libraries. So instead of using the quick search, I was always diving into the library to browse for the right components.

The number of components was also overwhelming. I…

A couple months back I was asked to be on a panel for an InVision meetup in Provo, Utah. The panel had managers and leaders from different companies in their design org. My manager couldn’t make it, so I stepped in. InVision gave us questions to prepare for the panel. I was very nervous since I didn’t feel I was “worthy” to be on this panel.

I’m a senior UX designer (or Sr. Product Designer). I don’t have a team who I lead nor do I have a manager title. I’m an introvert and don’t enjoy speaking in front of…

I work at a company that deals with data and tables quite often. If I can avoid them, I do, but they are necessary when dealing with large amounts of data. I found two ways to build tables quickly for my mock-ups. I call the two ways standard rows and custom rows.

Before we start you need to have a header symbol created. Then I will show how I accomplish both types of tables.

You can watch this video or read the article below.

Setting up header symbol

What is great about these two ways, is they use the same header symbols. So…

I recently saw a video from invision app on creating flexible forms: https://www.invisionapp.com/blog/creating-flexible-forms-sketch/

They have great tips and I would highly recommend you watch it. I work on a lot of form heavy pages and I want to take it a little further to show you how I set up my forms.

Step 1: Start with the basics

Creating your label style, input box and input text style.

My brain is constantly pumping out ideas. Very few are any good, but they keep coming. Often I forget the ones that I want to remember. I’ve heard others talk about writing, but wanted to share why I write things down.

Why I do it

Have you ever heard the quote: “A dull pencil is greater than the sharpest memory.” (Charles Saatchi). It is cliché for a reason. The reason I write things down is because I don’t want to forget. …

I can’t say enough about how awesome this plugin is. With the new update, they now support symbols and that has changed everything. The more I use this plugin, the more uses I find for it. Here are 4 things that I will now be using the plugin for:

  1. Grids
  2. Navigation
  3. Table Headers
  4. Buttons with Icons

1. Grid

Sketch already has a great tool for setting up a grid and columns. But I think the plugin can still be useful when designing grid layouts. …

I talked about how I organized my mornings before in another article called “How I Make Time for Side Projects Even with a Full Time Job and a Family”.

My family has gone through a bunch of changes recently though. It has been a crazy year so far, moving across the country and started a new job. I’ve been trying to set a schedule again for some time, and am having a hard time starting.

I’ve gone through a few different typical types of scheduling, trying to write down my day. Deciding what I want to do during each hour…

I have a basic knowledge of code. I can go in and edit what I need or even copy and paste code I need. My skill set lends more in visual language than the coding ones. I have been designing responsive websites for a while now. I thought I had a great understanding of how my designs would translate into code.

Then I built my website

This article will be a collection of the different types of motion graphics. It will also give an idea of what kind of work you can accomplish or even bill for. In this article, we will not cover the many different styles, but rather the reason and examples for each type of video.

Before I begin I wanted to share my definition of motion graphics. I will write a post later on this. Motion graphics is where animation and graphic design meet. Motion graphics and animation can definitely be interchangeable in some places. …


  • Start now what you feel inspired to do
  • Stop comparing yourself to others, you have a lot to offer

I went to a dribbble meetup last week and it inspired me to write this article. The had a panel and they were talking about when they started being creative when they were kids. They talked about how they pursued art as children and then into school. I always get a little disappointed when I hear that because it doesn’t match my story. Not that the panelist weren’t great and inspirational, they were really awesome! I am always hoping to find…

Kyle Ashby

Designer, husband, and father of two girls.

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